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The function sinon.spy returns a Spy object, which can be called like a function, but also contains properties with information on any calls made to it. a = 1;}; var spy = sinon. It does not spy on another function. For example, a spy can tell us how many times a function was called, what arguments each call had, what values were returned, what errors were thrown, etc. var foo = function(arg) { }; var Standalone test spies, stubs and mocks for JavaScript. What I'm trying to … I suppose you could do the following instead: In Safari or PhantomJs it fails with TypeError: Attempted to wrap object property WebSocket as function The returned spy is the function object which replaced the original method. Stub. MyClass = function {this. and.returnValue() A spy can be made to return a preset/fixed value (without the need for calling the actual methods using and.callThrough()). Something like this: const spy = sinon.stub(InternalService.prototype, 'getEvents').returns([{ id: 1 }]); const internalService = new InternalService(); console.log(internalService.getEvents()); // => [{ id: 1 }] In Sinon, a spy calls through the method it is spying on. require resolves paths before looking in its cache, so it should not matter that the paths are different. I'm using sinon-chai so the syntax is valid, but both tests fail. To prove the point: var sinon = require ('sinon'); exports. OP wants to SPY ON the standalone function. Any kind of help wou this answer edited Aug 15 '14 at 20:43 Aurélien Gasser ♦ 1,033 8 17 answered Jan 28 '13 at 21:12 ppoliani 2,299 1 15 47 Thanks ppoliani. sinon.assert.alwaysThrew(spy, exception); Like above, only required for all calls to the spy. class B { constructor() {} doOther(number) { return new var mock = sinon.mock(obj); Creates a mock for the provided object. A test spy is an object that records its interaction with other objects throughout the code base. ... it will automatically restore the sinon.spy(), created for publish property? This post intends to show how to mock a class in JavaScript for the purpose of Unit Testing. A stub is a spy with predetermined behavior.. We can use a stub to: Take a predetermined action, like throwing an exception; Provide a predetermined response; Prevent a specific method from being called directly (especially when it triggers undesired behaviors like HTTP requests) A spy call is an object representation of an invididual call to a spied function, which could be This is actually pretty bad answer because OP obviously does not want to use sinon's spy. Spy call, Spy call - Sinon.JS. I have a function that will create multiple widgets by calling a constructor that accepts a few arguments. Combined with Sinon’s assertions, we can check many different results by using a simple spy. So, sinon.spy(s,'nextSeason'); in Sinon is equivalent to spyOn(s,'nextSeason').and.callThrough(); in Jasmine. Sinon mock javascript class. spy (); myAsyncFunction (spy) ... Constructor functions and ES6 classes are also supported. Let's say I have the following module: // moduleA.js const Thing = … javascript - method - sinon spy constructor . This discrepancy occurs because Sinon wraps exports.MyClass with its own mechanism, which means that the MyClass local variable which points directly to the constructor remains unaffected. As such, a spy is a good choice whenever the goal of a test is to verify something happened. Both proxyquire and rewire require … I am trying to create a spy on a constructor, and see if it gets called -- below are my tests. spy (exports, 'MyClass'); var MyClass = exports. However, you create a new Paper object with an Origami property in your test. When doing so, the original function will behave just as normal (including when used as a constructor) but you will have access to data about all calls. Of course b.js. var c = new MyClass() var spy = sinon.spy(c, "myFunc"); Clearly the spy is not in place when the constructor is called. It sounds like what I'd like to do is impossible, but for reasons that have nothing to do with ES6. The spy acts exactly like the original method in all cases. On Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 2:38:03 AM UTC+9, Christian Johansen wrote: Private properties are implementation details. I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to mock a constructor using sinon. The post targets developers who are coming to ES6 from … Sinon spy() creates function. I want to verify that the constructor is called the correct number of times with the correct parameters, but I don't want to actually construct the widgets. How to properly mock ES6 classes with sinon, Sinon allows you to easily stub individual instance methods of objects. Spy call. Creates a spy for object.method and replaces the original method with the spy. I have changed my code to inject the dependency into the constructor. The original method can be restored by calling object.method.restore(). Sinon.JS has a few utilities used internally in lib/sinon.js. In Chrome it fails with Uncaught TypeError: Failed to construct 'WebSocket': Please use the 'new' operator, this DOM object constructor cannot be called as a function. // Check that spy was called with `new` operator and uses constructor calledWithNew // Check that spy threw an exception at least once threw threw ("string") threw ... Sinon Spy Archi - Wrap old fn with new fn and use new fn in place of old one WITHOUT SPY - MyFn —-> Orig Fn; sinon.spy can also spy on existing functions. To solve this problem you can move the method myFunc in the prototype of the MyClass object and then spy the methods in the prototype. For example: Works with any unit testing framework. It’s possible to assert on a dedicated spy call: sinon.assert.threw(spy.thirdCall, exception);. Hence, when you spy on Paper, 'Origami', it is the property Origami of the Paper object you created locally in your test file which is replaced with a spy. Instead of calling sinon.stub or sinon.spy, sandbox.stub and sandbox.spy are used instead. But I could not understand where I should use sinon.spy() to check whether this function has called or not. @fatso83 Sure, I've already read related issues prior to posting this one.. After stub a es6 class, I want to mock the return value when instantiating it. Since sinon.createStubInstance has been removed from latest versions of Sinon, I would suggest stubbing individual instance methods on the prototype, to achieve the desired effect. var spy = sinon. spy === object.method. Spying on a constructor in javascript with sinon (2) Considering your constructor is bound to 'window' which means that if you open developer console on your browser, you should be able to intantiate an object by using the related function/constructor as such: Utils API sinon.createStubInstance(constructor); Creates a new object with the given function as the protoype and stubs all implemented functions. Another approach to isolating dependencies is to initialize them in the constructor of the class. Spying on a constructor using Jasmine (4) flipCounter is just another function, even if it also happens to construct an object. The thing that differs ES6 classes from ES5 constructor functions is a safeguard that prevents them from being used like var bar = Object.create(Bar.prototype); When deciding if a test was successful based on the state of available objects alone is not sufficient, we can use test spies and make assertions on things such as the number of calls, arguments passed to specific functions, return values and more. Hi, I wonder if I'm using sinon (v3.1.0) correctly, trying to stub constructors and if we can make this task simpler. Test constructor calling a method with Sinon I'd like to ensure that the constructor is calling a method when instantiated with Sinon, however, I can't seem to get this to work, as I believe the sinon is not watching the correct instantiation: Thanks a bunch @fatso83 for that explanation, it really helped. sinon.assert.match(actual, expectation); Uses sinon.match to test if … Unless the method in question is documented here, it should not be considered part of the public API, and thus is subject to change.

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