ulmus rubra tree for sale

3.00 Its large, umbrella shaped canopy provides a substantial amount of shade. pot   4.00 June 2020 Small multi stemmed tree, foliage similar to Acer palmatum, wonderful red fall color. Limited Supply... Order Now. _Star (Kobus) Magnolia (Magnolia stellata "Kobus") Female trees have 4-8" thick black pods which hang through 6-12" 4.00 RC 4.00 Fall Hypericum kalmianum Native                   Kalm St. Johnswort SWC 4.00 Yellow fall color. Sold out Grows in either wet or dry soils. 6-12" 4.00      3.50, Juglans cinerea Native                    Butternut, White Walnut Foresteira acuminata E USA                     Swamp Privet Allspice Moist to dry acidic soils in partial shade. Tall suckering shrub with leaves similar to a Peach. Lilac and white to 8" diameter. Great bright red fall color. Nannyberry Glossy narrow evergreen leaves with old Pine barrens species much like Prairie Willow, but growing larger. _Noble Fir (Abies procera) Rubus parviflorus Native                        Thimbleberry 2021  Ninebark _Carolina Allspice (Sweetshrub) (Calycanthus floridus) Medium sized coarse tree with huge leaves like a banana plant. _Common Privet (Ligustrum vulgare) Forsythia 'Vermont Sun' Zone 5-6 6-12” 4.00, Quercus 6-12" 3.00 18” 4.00 height from 4-8'. Some even grow as far south as Indonesia. Viburnum dentatum pubescens                       Downy Arrowwood Rhamnus alnifolia Native                       Alder Buckthorn Soft texture. 12-18" 4.00 2.25" pot 4.00 Seedling of local native trees. Deep green summer leaves with fuzzy white underside.  Black Oak 3-6",6-12" The height of the plant, most of our plants are 1-3 years old. 6-12" 4.00 USA                                     Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Slippery Elm Tree Seeds (Ulmus rubra) 30+Seeds at the best online prices at eBay! RC 4.00 June _Skyrocket Juniper (Juniperus scopulorum "Skyrocket") Farther north it is also in wet acid woods. Muscled smooth gray bark, winged seeds and foliage red and orange fall color. 2-4'. _American Hazelnut (Corylus americana). Glossy light green leaves and large 4-6" round orange-like fruits in fall. Grape  Northern Raspberry Euonymus americanus E USA                   Strawberry-bush Euonymus, Shrubby bushes to about 6' tall and spreading to make a colony. Willow ease. Dark tan winter seed capsules and cinnamon peeling bark. Zone 4. Very susceptible to leaf scab and rust which often defoliates the tree in late summer. Zone 3. Siebold Viburnum Very susceptible to Dutch Elm Disease. Lonicera hirsuta Native                   Hairy Golden Honeysuckle Leaves remain fairly free of leaf spot. Zone 4. Also nice bright red fruit ripening later than most seedlings. Zone 5. Quite hardy for us but a bit thorny. _Winged Elm (Ulmus alata) Tree Lilac with very large white flower trusses in June. Showy from a great distance. Scholartree _Grand Fir (Abies grandis) Myrica pensylvanica EUSA                    Northern Bayberry Some maroon fall color and semi-evergreen with snow cover. Small Ash-like leaved tree with mid-summer creamy white flowers in multi-racemes. To 6'. 3-6” 4.00 Small tan capsules at the end of the twigs in the winter. 2021 Zone 3. Groundcover in full sun with arching branches that mound upon themselves to 3', foliage with a reddish tinge all summer.  Pecan 2.5” pot 3.00 June Zone 3. Zone 3. Dark red twigs. Kalmia polifolia Native                     Bog Laurel Quercus ilicifolia E Buxus sinica These often look more like White Oak with acorns falling at the time of Bur Oak. Menispermum canadense Native                     Moonseed Vine Zone 3. Syringa 'Royalty' Clematis parvifolia                                   Spiraea Deciduous Azalea, white flowers in July-August, yellow red fall color. Glossy dark green color. Leaves a dark green to butter yellow in fall. Yellow fall color. Zone 1. Asimina triloba E USA                    Pawpaw Mountain-ash Zone 5. Cultural Information Restoration Information Betula Coarse compound leaves, coarse canes, large flat clusters of creamy white flowers in June. Smaller growing Spruce with dense short needles, growing most often in wetland and bog sites. _Brewer Spruce (Picea breweriana), _Japanese Green Maple (Acer palmatum) Zone 3. _Yellow Birch (Betula alleghaniensis) Pots 4.00 Next crop available fall 2020 Amelanchier arborea Native                       Downy Large shrub with arching branches eventually about 10' tall and wide. cultivar. Apparently easily cultivated. Euonymus f. 'Vegeta'                        Bigleaf _Burning Bush Euonymus alatus "compacta") Livestake .75    2.25” pot 3.50 horizontalis                                  Pots 5.00 Next crop for fall 2020 Rosa virginiana E USA                           3-6" 4.00 Ready in fall 2020 6-12” 3.50 Native                                     Kolkwitzia Needs acid soil and tolerates waste mine, acid charged at actual cost. A female cultivar with dark green glossy foliage and larger than usual bright red berries. plugs  4.00 Korean Spice Viburnum USA                                   _Ohio Buckeye (Aesculus glabra) Zone 2. plugs 3.00 plant. Gaultheria hispidula Native                   Creeping Snowberry Zone 3. 6   1 yr 4.00 Zone 4 6-12” 4.00 Salix nigra Native                           Black Avoid high pH soils. _Aleppo Pine (Pinus halepensis) _Spicebush (Benzoin lindera) 6-8'. Blue green foliage and very tasty blue fruit borne abundantly. Zone 4. pots   3.00  Ready in June _Pacific Dogwood (Cornus nutallii) Amelanchier stolonifera Native                           Forsythia 'New Hampshire Gold'  Pin Oak Small roundheaded tree to 25', 4" deep green leaves and showy wide-petaled flowers covering the tree in early May before the leaves. Limits of liability- All nursery stock is sold with only the guarantee of being shipped in good live condition, we will replace items if we are notified of death or damage within 10 days of shipping 2.25" pot 4.00 Viburnum l. 'Mohican' Zanthoxylum americanum Native                    Prickly-Ash Female trees produce large amounts of cottony seeds. Green Alder Medium size Maple with a dense branching habit, leaves smaller than A. truncatum. USA                              Overcup SWC 3.00 2.25" pot 4.00 2.25" pot  4.00 June 2020 Malus coronarius Native                            Sweet Zone 3. pots 4.50 Next crop for fall 2020 Laurel Zone 3. Clusters of tiny black-brown pods throughout winter. Zone 3. Our seed from 3500' in West Virginia and 2000' in Tennessee. Zone 3. Smaller stature trees. Celastrus scandens Native                           American SWC 2.50 12-18" 3.50 4'. Evergreen shrub with small leaf and bright purple flowers. Zone 4 6-12” 4.00 Ready in June Zone 2 Plugs 3.00 12-18” 5.00 Lover of heavy clay soils. Very low tiny leaved evergreen which grows in wet moss soils in deep shade, bearing small white Occasionally trained as a single stem, small tree. _Chestnut Oak (Quercus prinus) Physocarpus o. 6-8' Zone 3. Flowers are a tall spike of airy white flowers in mid-summer. Quercus imbricaria E USA                         Shingle Zone 3. _Cherry Bark Oak (Quercus falcata pagodaefolia) An umbrella shaped tree in age, bearing red-black edible fruits in summer in several successive crops. Small tree to 10' with deep green fuzzy leaves, White flowers, and bright red fuzzy cherries. Has been used for a nice hedge. Staphylea trifolia Rich fall color yellow-red-maroon. Rhododendron yedoense poukhanense                    Korean Azalea Castanea dentata E USA                           American USA                                Bear Winter bark an interesting yellow tan. 12-18" 3.00 June Hamamelis vernalis SC USA                       Vernal Witchhazel Viburnum Viburnum Chaenomeles 'Toyo- Nishiki' Toyo Nishiki Quince Juglans nigra Native                         Black Vigorous dense vine with red outer, yellow inner trumpet flowers, profuse, colorful, and fragrant. _Silver Linden (Tilia tomentosa) 6'. to too short a frost free season. Bronze winter color. Shrub to small tree-form plants with cone shaped white sterile flower heads in late summer which gradually turn pink with age. 2.25" pot 4.00 Zone 3. Zone 3. Zone 2. Zone 2. lower foliage a fire red into winter. Acer leucoderme E USA                            Chalk Native                                             River bottom and flood plain shrub to 10'. Slippery Elm is a fairly common medium-large tree, named for its mucilaginous inner bark. Small bell flowers and bright red berries which ripen fully in the second spring here. Berries a deep red. Flowers pure white when in full bloom. Purple and green fall color. Silvervine Thuja occidentalis 'Emerald' Pyramidal tree to 40' with bright orange winter bark. Zone 4 pots  5.00 Ready in June 2020 Chokecherry Viburnum dentatum E USA                        Arrowwood Red and maroon fall color. 2.25" pot 4.50       A very shade tolerant shrub found even in Sugar Maple woods. _Red Maple (Acer rubrum) Rosette of lance shaped 1-2" wide leaves to 2' with a central spike of waxy white 2" flowers in July, followed by stalk of brown black seed capsules. groundcover 6-8" high. Walnut Native                             Common 2.25" pot 3.00 Zone 3. To grow successfully here, do not fertilize much and allow to go dormant early. Nice full shrub in a season with tiny pink flowers followed by iridescent purple berries in fall. 12" 4.00 18-24” 5.00 SWC 3.50 than most species and the husks do not have spines. Zone 2       6-12"   4.00, Abies concolor  WUSA                            Germination and growing instructions are clearly displayed on each package for successful gardening every time. Zone 3. Dense vine growth ideal for narrow trellis screening. Zone 3. 12-18" 4.00 sold out Few fruit pods by fall. The fruits are best used in pies and muffins. Rubus occidentalis Native                    Black Raspberry Nat. Zone 5. 2.25" pot 5.00 Zone 3. 6"  4.00 June, Viburnum lantana 'Variegata' A smaller growing species than the above, which occupies stream banks and wetlands in the eastern USA. Zone 3 6-12" 4.00 Zone 4. Good naturalizing shrub in wet meadows. Magnolia 1yr 4.00 2.25" pot 4.00 June 2020 Heavy texture deep green leaves that turn golden yellow mixed with brown in the fall. Generally more southern version of Silky Dogwood, 10', prefers moist sites, pale blue fruit. Dwarf dense Lilac with shiny deep green leaves. Castanea pumila E Green legume foliage and spikes of purple flowers in summer. Fall color a good red. Evergreen shrub to 6' with white to pale pink/purple flowers. Chestnut Zone 4. Smaller growing, only a small tree with wider shorter leaves and yellow flowers. Zone 5. Zone 3. Zone 5. Small dense shrub with short bottlebrush white flowers and wonderful fall color, combines Large leafed coarse tree with clusters of white flowers speckled with purple in early summer followed by cigar-like pods in fall through winter. Zone 2. Takes shearing very well. Similar habit and size to C. crus-galli. Zone 3. Acid soils and shade in our climate to avoid winter burning. Lonicera dioica Native                       Red Vine Honeysuckle campestre                                  USA                                 Zone 2.    pots  4.00  June 2020 6' shrub with deep lustrous green leaves, red fall color. Zone RC 4.00 Ours grown from seed from 6000ft elevation in North Carolina. 3-7' gray green leaved shrub, very dense form. jam. septoria leafspot problem found on C. racemosa. RC 4.00 June Pots 5;.00 Next crop for fall 2020. _Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) Natively a lowland tree which will do fine in most upland plantings, growing to the size of Bur Oak. Best plants have red seed heads in early fall, deep green shiny leaves in summer. Large shrub with medium to deep green felty rugose leaves, creamy white flowers and fruit which colors from red to black. Mid to large tree of the river bottom wetlands with large multi pronged thorns on the trunk and branches. Large robust growing shrub with white lacecap flowers and persistent yellow fruit. _Quaking Aspen (Populus tremulodies) Our native Laurel in northern Wisconsin bogs. Zone 3. SWC 4.00 12" 5.00 Zone 4. Ours are from a large tree in Milwaukee, WI, which is very hardy. Medium height tree, much taller than wide. Small coarse shrub with no thorns, black fruit. RC 4.00 June Native Snowberry At maturity the trees have a Pick-up from our nursery location must be arranged one week in advance. Cercis canadensis E Bilberry Taller than our native type. Celtis laevigata E Rhododendron carolinianum E USA                       Carolina May shipment. Wetland shrub growing to 10', very shiny green foliage.

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