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Shocked and upset by their discovery, not to mention fearing getting into trouble for trespassing in Hagley Wood, the boys agreed to keep their discovery a secret. Closed Thursday. It was at that time that Jack mysteriously came into some money. Wych-elm in Hagley Woods. A local medium contacted the police and offered the name and address of the victim after going into a trance by the tree. They all went for a drive and en route van Ralt killed the woman. HARTE, Jeremy, Personal Coomunication, April 2009 Why this should be was to lead to further macabre speculation. I got out and looked for the body on the road. Interestingly the road runs through a very important regional Mesolithic site. Failing that, it could easily be heated, bent and set to the required shape. The first – “Who put Luebella down the wych–elm?” was followed by many other slight variations, such as ‘Hagley Wood Bella’ found on a wall in Birmingham. One of the boys begun climbing the tree to look for birds eggs and upon reaching the topmost branches, looked down to find the tree was curiously hollow. The elm was also considered the tree of justice in France; under the branches of this tree, the judges received inspiration for their sentences. A SMALL boy stood beside a large, overhanging tree in a Hertfordshire garden in the 1880s. And a quick search on the internet shows that the mystery surrounding the murder still generates a lot of interest. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Graffiti appeared chalked on a wall in Upper Dean Street Birmingham asking – “Who put Bella down the Wych Elm – Hagley Wood”. These cookies do not store any personal information. Underneath its branches, judges reflected and received inspiration for how they would rule. As a result of Dutch elm disease, wych elm is now rare. As time passed, speculation began to grow. 18,038 were here. Who put her there? Does the ghost of Bella still haunt the area today? ), The comments by Dr. Wood concerning the burial of suspected witches in trees in folklore was also confirmed by historian and folklorist Jeremy Harte. … The lead detective, Detective Rafferty, who intimidates Toby, tells Toby that they discovered an entire human skeleton in the process, and that the skeleton in question was Dominic Ganly, a former classmate of Toby’s. Perhaps they had been cut out. It is also within the shadow of Wychbury Hill. Pound of Hagley arrived on the scene to make sure that no potential evidence was disturbed until C.I.D had been called and Professor James Webster, the forensic scientist, had been called to the scene. He had volunteered to guard the remains of the body in the tree overnight to protect the scene of crime. He estimated that she had been dead between 18 months and 2 years. About 5,500 years ago, the population of Wych Elm was drastically reduced. WYCH ELM, ULMUS GLABRA The wych elm is the only elm tree which is native to Britain and is also native to Scotland, which can only boast around twenty indigenous trees. I settled neath the Wych Elm tree and watched the world at play. Sergeant Skerratt of Clent and P.C. Una could take no more and the couple split. In 1941 whilst serving in the Home Guard in the area, Mr. Basterfield was called out to investigate a parachute alert in the Clent Hills/Hagley Wood area. In 1999 the journalist Richard Askwith wrote an article about the Bella mystery for The Independent newspaper. His father refused point blank to talk about the incident and even denied having been involved! With the search for human remains over, the job of forensic investigation began. Van Ralt told Jack to get into his car and drive the couple to the Clent Hills. To start we have this 12th century carved stone featuring 3 demons tormenting a man. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. This was enough to declare the area a crime scene, and police reinforcements were called in from Hagley. In this case she was called ‘Bella’. In April of 1943, in the town of Worcestershire, England, four boys stumbled across the skeletal remains of a deceased woman that had been shoved into a cavity of a large wych elm. In Gaelic it is known as ‘leven’, as in Loch Leven in Kinross, and was valued for its roles in the dyeing of wool. He ran straight across the first two lanes of the carriageway and stopped right in the middle of the central reservation. As well as their widespread use in hedges, their stature made them imposing landmarks and boundary markers, and travelling preachers and judges would often pronounce from beneath them. In 1943, four young boys, out poaching in Hagley Wood came across a large Wych Elm, a broad, spiderlike tree. He was dressed like one of the old cavalier soldiers – the big hat, boots, red uniform and sword. The discovery of the severed skeletal hand near to the body led the police to contact Dr. Margaret Murray, a leading folklorist of the time. The skull was still there, together with a bone sticking out of a hole in the tree. Viking, 2018. All that we have, to this day, is the dead body of a young woman concealed in a wood, strongly suggesting foul play though suicide, with parts of the body scattered by animals, a possibility; and that’s it. She had also given birth at least once. After the war another informant told a curious story that may just lend support to this theory. One gentleman, Warwick Plant was a young boy during the second world war. They lived near Kenilworth and Jack worked in an aircraft factory. Suddenly he sprinted out diagonally across the road in front of me towards Hagley Hall. GRAFFITI on a Hagley monument that has become part of local folklore has been mysteriously changed. As to burial in a tree as a magic rite. In a hollow tree trunk of a wych elm, one of the boys found a skull but because they were trespassing on private property, the boys put the skull back and made a pact that they would keep quiet. The witch in the Wych Elm? They have the characteristic asymmetrical base that other elms have, and taper to a sudden point at the top. Murray had a habit of making this kind of analysis based on nothing much more than her own belief that witchcraft had survived.” (Wood, pers. Most of the skeleton was eventually found, but one thing seemed strange. The Wych Elm is botanically called Ulmus glabra. The Wych Elm, Tana French. As a schoolboy in the 1970’s I used to accompany my mother to work during the school holidays. In the 1990’s my wife Carolyn witnessed the apparition of a strange looking dog as she drove home one night. More recently in 2008 Mr. Klein was driving along the A456. Elm’s legendary associations are of death and the Underworld, but funnily enough, people looked to Elm for medicinal cures. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. [quote] But in 1953, a rival theory – this one involving spying – arose to challenge it. She explained that her husband, Jack Mossop may have been involved. As I approached, our eyes met. With the aid of a branch Bob managed to dislodge whatever it was. Notwithstanding elm’s legendary associations with death and the Underworld, people also looked to elm for medicinal cures. The tragic tale of a unsolved murder and the question that sparked a generation of urban legends 'Finish your articles re the Wych elm crime by all means. Stopping near Hagley Wood, Jack had helped carry her body into the wood where it was hidden in a hollow tree. comm), Dr. Juliette Wood is a respected folklorist, Director of The Folklore Society and author of many books on folklore, including ‘A Coven of Scholars’ an analysis of Dr. Margaret Murray and her witchcraft theories. In Scotland wych elm is the more common species of elm. In the annals of witchcraft and occult practice, it was believed that a severed hand, called a ‘Hand of Glory’ could detect buried treasure.

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